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Maximum Freshness Guaranteed


crystalineFreshness Guaranteed

Our tamper proof sealed packaging is guaranteed to keep your product fresh longer than other packaging materials.

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Explore Different Varieties

We have a fantastic catalogue of indoor and outdoor indicas and sativas for both recreational and medical uses. Explore each variety to find the perfect balance of THC and CDB (Cannabanoid) content.

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Casey Dawg

Hear my train a comin'

Yenzo Cookies


Berry White

Super berry & king of the frost

Strawberry Banana

Like a super frosty strawberry banana smoothie

Banana Kush

Relaxed Euphoria

Tamper Proof Sealed Containers.

High Quality Organic Standards

Our sealed packaging keeps flowers fresh by preventing oxidation – the degradation that occurs when perishable products are exposed to oxygen. Also our tamper proof cans eliminate loss created by excess handling, weighing errors,  shake and displacement.  Keep track of your inventory much easier and without having to weigh each sale separately.

Four Step Process

  1. Start with the highest quality product
  2. Test it for any mold or contaminants
  3. Weigh out with precision.
  4. Seal it from the elements.


The Factory packs everything as fresh as possible at its most optimal. Our innovative, safe and natural Freshness Sealed packaging system is guaranteed to keep our flowers fresher than the other guys.


  • 100% Lab Tested Premium Medicine.
  • Sealed Immediately. Stays Fresh.
  • Cans are Both Smell Proof and Tamper Resistant.
  • Sanitary, Untouched and Uncontaminated.
  • Sealed at the Perfect Cure for Maximum Flavor.